About us

Seksound is Tallinn-based record label, releasing Estonian alternative music, from dream pop to noiserock, from electro to folk. Established in 2004, Seksound has now released over 50 albums and singles. Relying mostly on the enthusiasm of a group of friends, the aim of the label is to support and promote the music of alternative artists, and also rerelease Estonian indie-classics. Seksound artists have included Ans. Andur, Bad Apples, Galaktlan, Honey Power, Imandra Lake, Lack of Eoins, Mirabilia, Pia Fraus, Picnic, Popidiot, Shelton San, She Bit Her Lip, TPRI, Wolfredt. An important addition to this collection, Seksound has also released four volumes of compilation Kohalik ja Kohatu, which maps current Estonian indie scene. Seksound is also attentive to visual side: the sleeve designs have always been created by well-known artists and graphic designers – Kaarel Vahtramäe, Tõnis Kenkmaa, Rele Liiv, Margus Tammik and others.

For more information:
E-mail to: info@seksound.com
Mailbox address: Seksound OÜ, Mahtra 25-9, 13811 Tallinn, Estonia

World wide distribution: Darla Records ,  james@darla.com
Scandinavia & Baltic States distribution: Playground Music , toivo@playground.com

For promotional copies of new releases please contact: info@seksound.com

DEMOS: We are sorry, but we do not accept demos!