Bad Apples – Lead Sister Remixes

Bad Apples – Lead Sister Remixes

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Bad Apples released great album last year, now they are back with maxi-single “Lead Sister Remixes”! You heard their brilliant song “Lead Sister” first time on Seksound compilation “Kohalik ja Kohatu 3”. Song dedicated to lovely Karen Carpenter was given to 7 other remixers and results are one greater than other. Remixers are our favorite artists from here and there: International Airport, Bill Wells, Fleckfumie, Galaktlan, Music For Your Plants, Pia Fraus, Mihkel Kõrvits.

01. Lead Sister (International Airport rmx)
02. Lead Sister (Galaktlan rmx)
03. Lead Sister (Music For Your Plants rmx)
04. Lead Sister (FleckFumie rmx)
05. Lead Sister (Pia Fraus rmx)
06. Lead Sister (Bill Wells rmx)
07. Lead Sister (Mihkel Kõrvits rmx)
08. Lead Sister (Bad Apples original version)

Released on: August 01, 2010