Bizarre – Beautica


Bizarre – Beautica
SEKs051 (Buy here)

Dream-pop band Bizarre released altogether two albums during their existence – Beautica (1994) and Café De Flor (1996). The latter was re-released by Seksound early in 2015.

Beautica’s reverb-drowned guitars and barely audible vocals once set the stage for Estonian indie scene, also paving way for Pia Fraus’ entrance a few years later. Back in the day, Bizarre used to offer poetic-astral alternative to the more punkish Röövel Ööbik but there is definitely more to Beautica than just dream painting. The noisy side of shoegazing may also be spotted.

These 7 tracks on the original cassette 22 years ago mark an important point in the Estonian alternative pop music tradition. It’s a historical document representing a brave contact with worldwide atmospheric music trends.

The vinyl has been mastered by Bizarre’s bass player and now a valued producer and sound wizard Lauri Liivak. .

Released on: February 15, 2017

01. Slow
02. Ornaments
03. Beautica
04. Dream Reverence
05. Pearlshell Fairy
06. Brocéliande
07. Painting The Silence

Tristan – guitar
Inga – vocals
Anti – guitar
Mart – vocals
Leo – bass
Siq – drums on A, B2
Remsa – drums on B1, B3

Produced by Lauri Liivak & Bizarre
Engineered by Paavo Pihlak
Recorded at Hell Jälg Studio, Tartu, March 1993 / April 1994
Master by Lauri Liivak
Music: Bizarre
Lyrics: Tristan

1994 Sally Cinnamon Music / 2017 Seksound