Dallas – Raj Kapoor/Sleeper’s Entertainer

Dallas – Raj Kapoor/Sleeper’s Entertainer

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Estonian indielabel Seksound reissues first time on cd format two classic tape-only albums “Raj Kapoor” (1995) and “Sleeper’s Entertainer” (1998) by legendary Estonian indiegroup Dallas on March 4, available as 2CD with original tracklistings.

Dallas was an indie pop band formed in Tallinn in 1991 and disbanded in 2003. Their musical style were often compared to Stereolab, but also to Broadcast, The Cardigans, Komeda and Jesus & the Mary Chain. As these titles refer, it used to be an intriguing blend of 60s estrade, bossanova and twist, 70s progressive, 80s disco and dub and beginnings of 90s shoegaze. Their electro-acoustic sound got another twist by their use of mainly East-German guitars and synthesizers. Deliciously cool synths, moody and melodic pop tunes are beautiful, elegant and rocking all at the same time. Edgy guitar atmospherics with their own blend of psychedelic lounge-pop and delicate noise woven into hooks that’d take your eye out!

CD 1
01. Raj Kapoor (1995): Raj Kapoor
02. Teenadelic
03. G.N.A.
04. She’s A Star
05. Come On David
06. Twinky
07. Cosmic Baby
08. G.N.A. [Demo Version]
09. Bonus tracks: Your New Girlfriend [Published on re-release in 1996]
10. Lorsque tu dors [Published on re-release in 1996]

CD 2
01. Sleeper’s Entertainer (1998): Intro
02. Sleeper’s Entertainer
03. Wendy’s Outside
04. Let’s Split
05. Let’s Split [Out-Or Dub]
06. Police
07. Six for Fix
08. Nightshift
09. Six for Fix [Clocks vs. Cricets Remix]

Released on: March 04, 2011