Eoins – Rites

Eoins – Rites
SEKs067 (Buy here)

Seksound proudly presents Eoins´debut album “Rites” by the frontman of the now gone Estonian post-punk band lack of Eoins.

The new eclectic album features songs in various genres characterized by restless rhythmic and harmonic convolution.  Deriving influences from post-punk and folk to bedroom electronica, Eoins makes use of a broad range of musical characters and professional capabilities while remaining true to the lo-fi/ everyday aesthetics of its earlier days as lack of Eoins.

Seksound has already released three digital singles from the album: “Sudden Death Mode” (buy here), “What the Future Holds” (buy here) and “Shiver & Shrug” (buy here). These tracks will be accompanied by seven brand new tracks on “Rites”.

The new album is available in CD and digital formats.

Released on: March 19, 2018

01. Hangman
02. Shiver & Shrug
03. What the Future Holds
04. Valley Oh Glittering Haze
05. How Many
06. Retrospect
07. Forever Gone Astray
08. Sudden Death Mode
09. Timelock
10. Hangman Pt. II



Songs are written by Madis Järvekülg, arranged and produced by Madis Järvekülg and Martin Kikas. Recorded by Madis Järvekülg and Martin Kikas @ Ö Stuudio and Koidu apartment in Tartu. Mixed by Martin Kikas @ Ö Stuudio. Mastered by Lauri Liivak @ Lauri Liivak Mastering in Pärnu.

„Hangman” is our take on the traditional folk song known as „The Maid Freed from the Gallows”.

Acoustic guitar in „Shiver & Shrug” by Erki Reim.

Drums in „Shiver & Shrug” and „Timelock” by Aigar Vals.

Drums in „Valley Oh Glittering Haze”, „Retrospect”, „Forever Gone Astray”, „Sudden Death Mode and „Hangman Pt. II” by Kristjan Peterson.

Bass guitar in „Valley Oh Glittering Haze”, „Retrospect”, „Forever Gone Astray”, bass guitar and additional vocals in „Sudden Death Mode” by Kaur Kuslap.

Additional vocals in „Valley Oh Glittering Haze” by Liina Ilves.

Trumpet in „Sudden Death Mode” and „What the Future Holds” by Jaak Järvekülg.

Spoken word in „How Many” by Paul Kaaya. Piano and atmosphere in „How Many” by Taavi-Peeter Liiv.

Percussions and samples here and there, electronic beat in „Hangman Pt. II” by Martin Kikas.

All other instruments, vocals, electronics and lyrics by Madis Järvekülg.

Photos by Hanna Samoson. Layout by Kaarel Vahtramäe.