Galaktlan “Second Memory”


Galaktlan “Second Memory”
SEKs042 (Buy here)

We are truly happy and honoured to welcome our old friend and partner in the list of Seksound releases! Ladies and gentlemen, damen und herren, daamid ja härrad – Galaktlan! Galaktlan’s third album “Second Memory” will be out as a CD on July 8th, 2013. The album was released digitally under web label Archaic Horizon at the beginning of the year, getting much positive attention. For the current release, the album has received makover through a new master and a brand new cover. Galaktlan’s “Second Memory”
is a masterpiece of Estonian electronic music and highly recommended. Captain Galaktlan is back!
Taavi Laatsit has been active in the Estonian electronic music scene for 15 years already. During that time, he has released 7 full length albums as a member of different groups (Uni, Kismabande, Kulgurid) and also as a solo artist (Galaktlan, Vonsuck). Additionally, he has composed music for exhibitions and art projects. Since 2004, he has also been composing music for films.

01. Gamdron
02. Wcolust
03. Tagtä
04. Arteem
05. Secmem
06. Johvilawsamb
07. Imer
08. Memsec
09. Organell
10. Drongam

Released on: July 10, 2013