Honey Power – Macrosilly

Honey Power – Macrosilly
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Stylistically, it is rather tricky to classify Honey Power, but they seem to have a lo-fi approach to britpop and synthpop, with a sound concoction that we like to call “50% Wedding Present, and the other 50% comprised of The Holy Trinity of ‘P’-bands — Pavement, Pixies, and Pia Fraus!” Honey Power was conceived in summer of 2005 in Tartu, Estonia, when Martin Kikas (vocals, guitar), Madis Aesma (drums) Inga Nõlvak (bass) and Indrek Martis (synth) came together to make some music. After a few months of productive songwriting, the first promising sounds were recorded with the microphone of the laptop only. Songs were filtered into the friends’ PCs through the internet and gained lots of lively interest. In summer 2006 they came to Seksound studio to record their debut album Macrosilly. The album includes three successful radio singles Corsica, Travelling Nonstop and Casino Stoner.

Released on: September 01, 2006

01. Bonnie Meets Clyde
02. Travelling Nonstop
03. Fake Blue Sky
04. Corsica
05. Plug Me In
06. Relax Relax (your stereo is fine)
07. Bearhill
08. Dreams
09. Lights From Pillow
10. Friends And Enemies
11. Jjacques De Secretkeeper
12. Casino Stoner
13. Learning To Walk