Imandra Lake – Seemnesegu


Imandra Lake – Seemnesegu
SEKs039 (Buy here)

Seksound released compilation “Seemnesegu” (Seed Mix) on February 24th. The album features tracks from Imandra Lake’s 2010 album “Seesamseesam”, as remixed by Seeland (UK), Manual (DK), 3 Pead, Leslie Da Bass, Tallinn Daggers, Wolfredt, Out-Or, Joel Tammik, Treee, Music For Your Plants and Forgotten Sunrise. The full-length remix album was preceeded by a 7’’ with two versions of Imandra Lake’s “Ilus Aeg” in summer 2012.

01. Igane (Seeland rmx)
02. Rabajärv (Music For Your Plants rmx)
03. Ilus Aeg (Out-Or rmx)
04. Seesam (Leslie Da Bass rmx)
05. Öö laul (Tallinn Daggers rmx)
06. Majades (Wolfredt rmx)
07 .Vajun (Manual rmx)
08. Liugle liugle (Forgotten Sunrise rmx)
09. Puhangus (Treee rmx)
10. Ole mu laev (3 Pead)
11. Puhangus (Joel Tammik rmx)
12. Igane – instrumentaal (Seeland rmx)

Released on: February 24, 2013