lack of Eoins – Echo Group

lack of Eoins – Echo Group
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Seksound releases debut album by lack of Eoins, called “Echo Group”. Seksound, a little label from Tallinn, Estonia, also celebrates their 20th release-jubilee with it. lack of Eoins comes from Viljandi, a little town in South Estonia, place full of culture, but they are the only indie group over there. Four young guys still under 20, started playing together in high school few years ago, developed fast through years and can give you now this strong debut. On “Echo Group” they move from their earlier contemporary indiedance scene towards to more sophisticated indie rock, reminding aesthetics introduced by Wire, Pixies, the Jam or Clash. They have recognisable vocals and guitar sounds, but mostly you are surprised by their unpredictable song structures – you’ll never know what happens next. It’s a classic debut album with unusual indierock. Album is recorded and mixed by Martin Kikas from Honey Power at their new studio Ö Stuudio in Tartu and mastered by Steve Rooke at Abbey Road Studios in London.

01. Sonics
02. House Grey
03. Commander Keen
04. Children’s Society
05. Astrologers’ Meal
06. I’ve Got Some Numbers
07. Twice The Size
08. Bus Station
09. Practice Makes Perfect
10. Anxious, But Shy, But Why
11. She Was Bright (B)

Released on: January 01, 2009