Mirabilia – Log In Eye

Mirabilia – Log In Eye
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Seksound continues bringing you gems from Estonian indie scene. Next pearl is debut album “Log in eye” by Mirabilia. Mirabilia is soloproject of Holger Loodus and he is helped by local indiemusicians. Holger Loodus is known as a leader and musicwriter of legendary Estonian indiepop group, now disbanded, Dallas. They were muchloved in their home, same time gathered some fame among indie fans all over world due to concerts and compilation cd in Canada. So Mirabilia has something for old Dallas fans and something for new listeners of Holger’s music. You find his quality songwriting and singing in developed form, sounding same time pretty new and sparkly. Holger Loodus has wide music taste, so it isn’t easy to bring out any obvious influences. Besides he has been hero himself for many younger estonian indie musicians.

01. Tv Eyes
02. Pretty Face
03. Breeze
04. Log In Eye
05. Let It Shine
06. Josephine On The Roof
07. Hey Louie
08. Emancipated
09. Sightseeing
10. Pale Earth

Released on: December 23, 2007