Pia Fraus – Field Ceremony

Pia Fraus – Field Ceremony

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After releasing a string of singles starting in 2016, Pia Fraus are now releasing their first full-length album entitled Field Ceremony in almost a decade. Both the “Autumn Winds” and “That’s Not All” singles have been met with critical acclaim, creating anticipation for the forthcoming new album.

Field Ceremony is a triumphant return for the band, bringing back their signature dreampop sounds alongside fresh takes on pop structures. From the beautifully composed pop delicacies of “No Filters Needed” to the almost slowcore dreaminess of “Don’t Tell Me How” to the explosive pop of “Sugar High of the Year”, Pia Fraus bring to the table a dreampop brightness tinged with the more somber elements of life. Eve Komp (vocals, synths, metallophone), Kärt Ojavee (synths), Rein Fuks (guitars, vocals, percussion), Reijo Tagapere (bass), and Margus Voolpriit (drums) come together once again to produce Field Ceremony. Former member Kristel Eplik returns to record backing vocals and Pia Fraus’ former drummer, Joosep Volk, also returned to direct the video for “That’s Not All” and “Mountain Trip Guide”.

The album has been mixed and mastered on analog desk by the band’s longtime friend Lauri Liilvak. The dreampop veterans in Pia Fraus are back after over a decade. Field Ceremony is a demonstration of the band’s continued contribution to the dreampop genre. Fans will be pleased with the results and new listeners will be in for a treat as they encounter this long awaited new work from the dreampop masters.

Released on: October 16, 2017

01. It’s Over Now
02. Never Again Land
03. Autumn Winds
04. Mountain Trip Guide
05. No Filters Needed
06. Endless Clouds
07. Sugar High of the Year
08. Don’t Tell Me How
09. Brutal Truth of the World
10. That’s Not All

All songs written by Rein Fuks
Lyrics in “Autumn Winds” by Rein Fuks & Eve Komp
Recorded by Pia Fraus @ Seksound Studio, Tallinn
Mixed & mastered on analog desk by Lauri Liivak @ Lauri Liivak Mastering, Pärnu
Cover photo by Eve Komp
Cover design by Kaarel Vahtramäe