Pia Fraus – Nature Heart Software

Pia Fraus – Nature Heart Software
SEKs006 (Buy here)

Pia Fraus have emerged with their third full length album, “Nature Heart Software”. It was recorded and mixed in Seksound studio by Pia Fraus, Hendrik Luuk (Popidiot) and Gert Pajuvali (Ans.Andur), and mastered at Estonia’s prestigious Forwards Studio by Luuk. The new album shows a more varied side of Pia Fraus who are, all the same, making a big step towards serious shoegazing. Just like the previous albums, “Nature Heart Software” features several tunes with witty melodies. They have constructed a sound that is noisy, soft, and highly detailed at the same time – the multi-layered guitars and hardly-audible vocals woven into the hypnotic sound wave, the diverse moods, sounds and tempos.  The fresh album of Pia Fraus shows convincingly that they belong to the major league of pop music which bears the indie ideals of the late 80s and early 90s. Watch out!

01. Birds Still Swing
02. Pretend To Be Here
03. Chromatic Nights
04. Day Week or Season
05. You Know There Are People Living in the Country
06. Teenage Girl
07. Super Timeknowing Gentleman
08. Thank You Peter Parker
09. Come to Me
10. Feeling is New
11. No Borders
12. Japanese Heart Software

Released on: February 24, 2006

In 2016 Seksound is proud to announce the limited edition (444 copies) remastered vinyl reissue of Estonian shogaze forefathers’ Pia Fraus legendary album “Nature Heart Software”(NHS), celebrating its 10th anniversary. The album was Pia Fraus’ first to be release under Seksound, the cradle of Estonian indie music. Until then, Pia Fraus music had been distributed by Clairecords in the United States and Vinyl Junkie Recordings in Japan, gathering therefore more fans abroad than in their homeland. It is not surprising then that the album met warmer response there than in Estonia, and was described as explorative, unconventionally experimental in this genre, hovering somewhere in the lightness of dreampop and the darker sides. Thus, NHS may be found at the honourable 27th place in the Sounds Better With Reverb blog best shoegaze albums list. The years follwing the release of NHS turned to be busiest for Pia Fraus in their concert schedule. The band shared the stage with Animal Collective in Tallinn, with Ulrich Schnauss in London, and gave a number of concerts in Scandinavia and neighbouring countries.


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