Pia Fraus – Sweet Sunday Snow

Pia Fraus – Sweet Sunday Snow
SEKs072 (Buy here)

Pia Fraus ‘Sweet Sunday Snow’ is first single from the forthcoming album!

The song is mixed by bands long-time favorite, John McEntire (Tortoise, The Sea and Cake) at Some Electronic Music Studios, Nevada City, CA, USA. 

Also, Pia Fraus welcomes back the former band member and first drummer, Joosep Volk. It’s been more than fifteen years since they last played together.

Released on: September 16, 2019

1. Sweet Sunday Snow (Single Edit) 04:09
2. Sweet Sunday Snow (Picnic Remix) 06:52
3. Sweet Sunday Snow (Lightships Remix) 03:57
4. Sweet Sunday Snow (Astrobal Remix) 04:46

Eve Komp – vocals, synth
Kärt Ojavee – synth
Rein Fuks – guitar, vocals, synth, tambourine
Reijo Tagapere – bass
Joosep Volk – drums, electronic percussions
Kristel Eplik – back vocals

Written and arranged by Rein Fuks

Recorded by Rein Fuks at Seksound Studio, Tallinn, Estonia.
Synths and electronic percussions recorded at the country house, Loe village, Estonia.
Drums, acoustic guitar and some electric guitars recorded by Erko Niit at Neat Beat Studio, Pärnu, Estonia.

Mixed by John McEntire at Soma Electronic Music Studios, Nevada City, CA, USA.

Produced by Rein Fuks, John McEntire.
Mastered by Lauri Liivak at Peeter Salmela Studio, Tallinn, Estonia, and Lauri Liivak Mastering Studio, Pärnu, Estonia.