Pia Fraus – Ten Remixes Of Yenissey

Pia Fraus – Ten Remixes Of Yenissey


Pia Fraus had many international projects going on while releasing After Summer, their last album which is produced by Glaswegian Norman Blake (Teenage Fanclub). Now they are ready with remix compilation Ten Remixes of Yenissey, released by Seksound. Yenissey was the first result from cooperation between Pia Fraus and Norman Blake. Band is very proud of this remix album, as remixers are all their favorites from all around the world. International list is very impressive, many well-known indierock artists, especially from Scotland, dreamland of indiepop. Old friend Bill Wells goes onto jazzy trip over Yenissey. International Airport loves little things and Future Pilot AKA goes massive with global music influences. Teenage Fanclub ends compilation with little dreamy introspection on themes of Yenissey. Seeland (Duophonic artist) wanders around noisy and krauty soundwaves. Legendary His Name Is Alive loves noisy part of Pia Fraus. Also the best names of local scene are presented and Pia Fraus also offers newer version of track. Galaktlan with lovely electro and 3pead fusing estonian indie and dance history are for little indie dancefloors. Mirabilia makes it contemporary psychpop. Hopefully you are not tired of Yenissey by now!

01. Future Pilot AKA – Yenissey vs Future Pilot AKA!
02. Galaktlan – Galayeni
03. International Airport – One Transition: Tundra Into Taiga
04. Mirabilia – Yllar Lyndi Uued Püksikud
05. Seeland – Yennesay: Seeland Reemix
06. Pia Fraus – Niva Meets Yenissey
07. Teenage Fanclub – Yenissey
08. 3Pead – Las Voolab
09. Bill Wells – Yenissey
10. His Name Is Alive – Forever 93

Released on: July 19, 2008