Picnic – Winter Honey

Picnic – Winter Honey

SEKs026 (Buy here)

During their three-and-half-year-existance, Picnic has made friends with listeners at several concerts and their appearance on two “Kohalik ja Kohatu” (Seksound) compilations has broadened their circle of musical acquaintances further. Picnic is formed of Marju Taukar, Andres Soosaar and Rivo Järvsoo, who have all been around in the indie scene for more than a decade already. Marju and Andres played in a favourite indie band of the 1990s – Dreamphish, whose last album was also released under Seksound. Rivo had been creating electronical indie sounds on his own and is also a member of another Seksound collective – Bad Apples. The sonic appearance of Picnic is surely in uenced by all this and makes it a blend of classical shogaze, dreamy pop, and the electronic sounds we´ve heard through Morr Music artists. Marju´s vocal reminds many of the local 90s indie touching the heart strings of the listeners from these years, be it a then young admirer or a co-conspirator. That said, it must be added that “Winter Honey” is by no means an album for a nostalgic moment. The album owes along its distinctive stream, northernly fresh,  oating, with a touch of pop and lighter waves. Picnic is not satis ed with just classical indie; electronical rhythms are backed by sparkling and at times distorted guitars and sprinkled with ear-catching effects and sounds from other instruments. Of these, the accordion is the latest and indeed a welcome addition. At one point on the record, the trio takes a step further, introducing fellow-shogazers their idea of good old country.

01. Too Fast
02. Breathe In
03. Love Song For An Imaginary Lover
04. Shareware
05. Öko
06. Woke Me Up Yesterday
07. Who Do You Love?
08. Fixed
09. Two Worlds
10. Deltaplane
11. Carrot Street

Released on: February 24, 2010