Shelton San – EP

Shelton San – EP
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Estonian noise-rock band Shelton San was formed in 2002 in Tallinn. Shelton San’s sound might be described as a massive sonic wall, a blend of rationality and irrationality: screeching feedback, dissonant notes, indiscriminate vocals balancing across singing and screaming, combined with rock-solid drum and bass section, catchy guitar riffs and logical musical progression. Shelton San outlines order in chaos and where some hear randomness there is surely structure to follow. Having established its reputation in local rock scene with their stunningly powerful live act, the band followed with an EP (aptly named „EP”) in 2005. Great 5-track ep of noise rock, sounding something like a hybrid of Swervedriver, Unwound, and Truman’s Water. The sound of Shelton San would most likely not offend any fans of Trail Of Dead, Part Chimp, or any of the aforementioned. Yet they definitely have their own definitive style and rock power.

Released on: July 22, 2005

01. Platonist
02. Hustle Hutch
03. Safe Mode
04. In This Very Moment
05. Sir John


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