Tartu Popi ja Roki Instituut – Biidermeier-psühhedeelia


Tartu Popi ja Roki Instituut – Biidermeier-psühhedeelia
SEKs035 (Buy here)

This is yet another release of beautiful indie-pop in Estoania from Tallinn based record label Seksound. The second album by Tartu Popi ja Roki Instituut “Biidermeier-psühhedelia” is out on April 1st 2012. Their first full-length “Madise margikogu” dating back to 2006. Several members have meanwhile played in other bands but they are definitely at their best in TPRI. The album shows influences from the psychedelic and sunshine pop and prog rock but they are by no means a retro group, even though the title of the album is jokingly referring to inspiration from even more distant past. TPRI have dug deep into pop and rock and used well what they’ve found. Beautiful sounding lyrics in Estonian is a delightful extra, as they do have a lyricist in the band. In addition to the versatile regular members, the new album proudly presents guest appearances on various strings and horns, making it all sound lush and luxuriant. If you’re curious about Estonian pop or fancy Stereolab’s krautrok or Belle and Sebastian’s sophisticated pop, this album will like you.

01. Ilmast Ilma
02. Berta Ja Harald
03. Eine Murul
04. Nõiutud Tants
05. Gloria Funk
06. Juuksurisalong
07. Klaaskupliga Kaetud Maastikud, Mida Raputades Hakkab Sadama Lund
08. Merend Tutti Unenägu
09. Biidermeier-Psühhedeelia
10. Läänemere Odüsseia
11. Härmalõng
12. Ruupia
13. Luhtunud Abstraktsioon

Released on: April 01, 2012