V/A – Kohalik ja kohatu-2

V/A – Kohalik ja kohatu 2
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Estonian recordlabel Seksound brings you their 10th release! It’s second volume of “Kohalik ja Kohatu”, compilation of Estonian independent music. All 18 tracks on “Kohalik ja Kohatu 2” represent best sides of Estonian indie, with large diversity in styles. You get rock, pop, electronica, lo-fi, ska, you name it. Seksound artists Ans.Andur, Honey Power, Bad Apples shine in wellknown goodness. Pia Fraus has made new track and you can think twice who is Fein Ruks & Metallophon. Besides Seksound’s own artists are represented other friends of Seksound. Electronic music gurus Galaktlan and Pastacas or our own future legend of folk Kago. Some guys behind legendary indie groups are here with their new projects. Holger Loodus from internationally known Dallas is Mirabilia. Erkki Tero was Öäk, but today he is Erro. Of course, you can’t forgot all other local heroes.

01. Fein Ruks & The Metallophon – Uilg
02. Ans.Andur – Parklate Linn
03. The Dildos – Nice Room
04. Galaktlan – Indigo Tuba
05. Barbariz – Muda
06. Orelipoiss – Jäin Kinni
07. Popidiot – Hey Girl!
08. Pastacas – Samptak
09. Mirabilia – Let It Shine
10. Erro – Koju
11. Vaiko Eplik Ja Eliit – November
12. Jakob Juhkam – Kas Näed
13. Pia Fraus – Yenissey
14. Picnic – Who Do You Love
15. Honey Power – Lights From Pillow
16. Soterios – Twisted Romance
17. Bad Apples – Dream Girl Salad Plate
18. Kago – Sipanuula

Released on: May 01, 2007