V/A – Kohalik ja kohatu 3

V/A – Kohalik ja kohatu 3

SEKSs025 (Buy here)

From 2005 tiny independent label Seksound has been presenting a selection of what´s happening in the alternative music scene in Estonian through a compilation series Kohalik ja Kohatu. 

Third volume of Seksound´s choice selection of 20 artists provides a view of Estonian indie in different tones and hues. It features crisp and fresh Picnic and youthful lack of Eoins and proudly presents the new heights of Ans.Andur, Honey Power, and Köök. Imandra Lake offers a dose of massive shoegaze in Estonian and Bad Apples dedicates their brilliant Lead Sister to Karen Carpenter. Taking a slight bend the music turns avant garde in a sincere way with a teenage girl-group Plixid and moves towards perfect pop with worthy 3Pead. The compilation features also the coolest girl around, home-recording UnCandy. The music of Ewert & The Two Dragons lends the comp a mysteriously pop touch and a sweet troubadourish atmosphere is created with the appearance of Barbariz. Jaan Pärn & Pahad Seemned introduces South-Estonian pop and rock. The popular and beloved Marten Kuningas has moved to quite different qualities with his band Leegitsev Sidrun and another young and fierce south-Estonian duo Badass Yuki thrills with abstracted noisepop. Mooses, Music For Your Plants, Tolmunud Mesipuu, and Wrupk Urei give a proper charge of post-rock .Vaiko Eplik educates the listeners on sexual secrets.

01. Bad Apples – Lead Sister
02. Mooses – Luhtunud Laulatus
03. UnCandy – Lovecool
04. Honey Power – Get Country
05. Imandra Lake – Vajun
06. Barbariz – Maasikalaul
07. 3 Pead – Soovide Puu
08. Picnic – Too Fast
09. Tolmunud Mesipuu – Lõpus Hakkab Sadama
10. Ewert & The Two Dragons – I Can See Yer House From
11. Leegitsev Sidrun – Lydia
12. Music For Your Plants – Agave Americana
13. Köök – Merelaul
14. Plixid – Blond
15. Vaiko Eplik – Seksisaladused
16. lack of Eoins – Astrologers Meal
17. Jaan Pärn & Pahad Seemned – Veider Vandaal
18. Badass Yuki – Krypton08′
19. Wrupk Urei – Spirituaal
20. Ans. Andur – Sinine

Released on: February 01, 2010