V/A – Kohalik ja Kohatu 4


V/A – Kohalik ja Kohatu 4
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Indie bang bang – Seksound 10 years! Estonian record label Seksound and the compilation series “Kohalik ja Kohatu” has brought you the current situation in the country’s indie scene since 2004. The fourth “Kohalik ja Kohatu” will be out on January 8th.

Seksound has carefully picked 18 artists, who brighten and colour the Estonian indie scenery. There is youthful Ouu and brisk Picnic, newcomers Leikki, She Bit Her Lip, and Holy Motors. Imandra Lake represents massive shogaze and Honey Power presents a dedication to king Elvis. A proper dose of synthpop comes from Pop Idiot and an energy boost from Tallinn Daggers. The coolest girl in town is also on the compilation – multiinstrumentalist cirkl. The softer side is represented by singer-songwriters and troubadours Thea Kristal and Jakob Rosin. Vul Vulpes and Galaktlan ensure the electronic elegance of the compilation. Jan Helsing is the ambassador of good mood. As no compilation is complete with a proper post-rock therapy, so here we have Wolfredt, Tahm, and Rabimilia. “Kohalik ja kohatu IV” is also a reason to celebrate – in ten years, Seksound has reached its 50th release.

01. Galaktlan – Aero
02. Honey Power – Elvis
03. Ouu – Reisile sinuga
04. Tallinn Daggers – Evol And Rockets
05. Rabimilia – Laxness
06. Picnic – In This Cold
07. She Bit Her Lip – Eile
08. Leikki – Valus süda
09. Holy Motors – Lightning Struck
10. Wolfredt – Night Has Eyes
11. Popidiot – Hold My Hands
12. Vul Vulpes – Etiopeia
13. Jan Helsing – Hea tuju keeldub lahkumast”
14. Tahm – Heathland
15. cirkl – Linnu lend
16. Imandra Lake – Virmalised
17. Thea Kristal – Lahkumise laul
18. Jakob Rosin – Morning

Released on: January 08, 2015