Pia Fraus – Sweet Sunday Snow

Bill Wells – Remixes for Seksound

Pia Fraus – Mountain Trip EP

Pia Fraus – Field Ceremony

Pia Fraus – That’s Not All

Rocketship / Pia Fraus – Outer Otherness / Cloudy Eyes

Pia Fraus – Autumn Winds

Pia Fraus – In Solarium

Pia Fraus – Wonder What Its Like

Jan Helsing – Kajalood

Jan Helsing “Sünnipäev”

Imandra Lake – Avane

Wolfredt – Lullabies to Vilhelmine

Pia Fraus – Silmi Island

Bad Apples – Lead Sister Remixes

Pia Fraus – Ten Remixes Of Yenissey

Pia Fraus/Ulrich Schnauss – Mute The Birds​/​The Ship Will Sail

Pia Fraus – After Summer

V/A – Kohalik ja kohatu-2

Pia Fraus – Nature Heart Software

V/A – Kohalik ja kohatu

Pia Fraus – Mooie Island EP