Eoins debut is out!

Seksound proudly presents Eoins´debut album “Rites” by the frontman of the now gone Estonian post-punk band lack of Eoins.

The new eclectic album features songs in various genres characterized by restless rhythmic and harmonic convolution.  Deriving influences from post-punk and folk to bedroom electronica, Eoins makes use of a broad range of musical characters and professional capabilities while remaining true to the lo-fi/ everyday aesthetics of its earlier days as lack of Eoins.

Seksound has already released three digital singles from the album: “Sudden Death Mode” (buy here), “What the Future Holds” (buy here) and “Shiver & Shrug” (buy here). These tracks will be accompanied by seven brand new tracks on “Rites”.

The new album is available in CD and digital formats. Order your copy here!!