Bad Apples – The Autumn People

Bad Apples – The Autumn People

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Seksound is proud to announce that second album “The Autumn People” by Estonian indiepop group Bad Apples is released on October 1st. Bad Apples started in 2003 as a bedroom project, young guy Henrik Esse was one mastermind behind it. Those recordings were heard by people behind local indielabel Seksound. Thanks to their support first album was recorded and a small group of musicians gathered around Henrik and Bad Apples. Supporting female vocalist is Helina Risti, on other instruments you’ll find Rein Fuks (Pia Fraus, Popidiot), Tõnis Kenkmaa (Pia Fraus) and Rivo Järvsoo (Picnic). Their first album “When Colours Become Day And Night” was released in 2006. New album is less punkier, it’s like baroque pop on indie world, getting influences from 60s music, from proper pop music to west coast psychedelia. Vivid examples would include pop giants Serge Gainsbourg, The Carpenters, Juan Garcia Esquivel. Henrik said that he wants to make estrada music (I can imagine it’s huge musical area from Burt Bacharach classics to great soviet pop), but he doesn’t have big orchestra. I can hear that idea materialize in Bad Apples way.

01. Love
02. In the zoo
03. Charming Boy
04. Mono Moon
05. At the Exhibition
06. In Your Face
07. Play Time
08. Faster Than The Light
09. Sun Boy Rain Girl
10. Hey Doctor

Released on: October 01, 2009