Imandra Lake – Avane


Imandra Lake – Avane
SEKs045 (Buy here)

Seksound is delighted to present the second album from the shoe-gazing Imandra Lake – “Avane”.

Listening to Imandra Lake makes one think, and see, Estonian scenery at a specific time of the day. This association may seem bizarre, at first, as theirs is not folk music; it’s indie, worldwide sounds.
The emerging picture is pretty precise – it is afternoon, when time slows down; a moment in early spring or late autumn, when shadows and light share proportions and the sun lacks its summery harshness. The snow is partly melted, water partly iceless, the sky partly cloudy, as always. The horizon displays “moist shadow of the woods” as described by an Estonian poetess. It is the world and time when hues between black and white dominate. And it makes you think – why stress something every Estonian rather dreads and loathes? But the black and white pictures tend to be sharper and lighter than the coloured ones. Clear and shadowy at the same time. Imandra Lake creates landscapes of clear tones, slow breathing and much space for all this. A space rich in nuance.
Imandra Lake’s “Avane” is a perfect album for those who love walks in slowly echoing soundscapes with repetitive patterns of faded straws and clear, far sounds of the nineties shoegaze.

01. Vöö
02. Metsatants
03. Aasal
04. Soovid soovid
05. Hall
06. Maa põleb
07. Püünis
08. Häbi ots
09. Kaks vööd
10. Öö puhkab

Released on: May 08, 2014