Pia Fraus – In Solarium

Pia Fraus – In Solarium

SEKs057 / FERN022 (Buy here)


Pia Fraus’ second album In Solarium released in Europe for the first time!

Seksound has recently vinylised almost all of Pia Fraus releases, and now it’s time for the
band’s second album In Solarium. The album was first out in 2002, in the US with
Clairerecords. Two years later, Vinyl Junkie Recordings offered Pia Fraus to release In
Solarium  in Japan, accompanied by a small tour.
The album may thus be considered an international opening of Estonian shoegaze scene.
In Solarium consciously announced the imaginary marriage of My Bloody Valentine and
Stereolab. It was a time when shogaze had for a while been in the state of suspended
animation. Coming out of nowhere, Pia Fraus turned out an essential dose for shoegaze
addicts all over the world, with their almost inaudible lyrics and pop melodies underneath
massive guitar layers.
Future fans wondered why these youngsters, barely in their twenties, from this tiny
country, had taken to follow such an almost forgotten wave. The feedback was thoroughly
positive. The connections established with In Solarium became the foundation for the
future of Pia Fraus, and through Seksound, for a number of other Estonian bands.
The album, which turned out a perfected prototype of the “pia fraus sound” was recorded
by Hendrik Luuk during three weeks in July 2001 in Forwards Studio in Tartu.

In Solarium vinyl is hand numbered and limited to 444 copies Worldwide!

A side:
01. 400&57
02. Right Hand Traffic
03. How Fast Can You Love
04. Outskirts Of Me
05. No Need For Sanity

B side:
01. Octobergirl
02.The End Of Time And Space Like We Used To Know It Is After You Have Finished Your Tea Approximately At 5:07 PM
03. Bibabo
04. On You
05. Zodalovers

Released on LP: July 07, 2016
First released on 2002 under Clairecords