Pia Fraus – Silmi Island


Pia Fraus – Silmi Island
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Seksound is excited to announce a very special release by Pia Fraus. “Silmi Island” is a celebration of their ten year history featuring 13 of their very best tracks from 1998-2008 and presented on limited LP+CD format. All tracks were completely re-recorded or remastered and appearing on vinyl for the very first time. There is also two bonus tracks included on the enclosed CD — one being a surprise My Bloody Valentine cover!

The band formed in Tallinn, Estonia in 1998 by a group of art-school students Rein Fuks, Reijo Tagapere, Tõnis Kenkmaa, Kärt Ojavee, Kristel Eplik and Joosep Volk. Eve Komp and Margus Voolpriit later joined replacing Kristel and Joosep. They all shared their common love for early 90s shoegaze and US noise / indie rock groups and instantly began writing songs and playing live. Since then they have released four albums and numerous singles (on Clairecords, Vinyl Junkie and Seksound), have been produced by Teenage Fanclub’s Norman Blake and Ulrich Schnauss, and have been remixed by the likes of Hood, Bill Wells, Teenage Fanclub, His Name Is Alive, Future Pilot Aka, Seeland, Pastacas, Galaktlan and International Airport.

Pia Fraus have become well-known for their perfect blend of dream pop — mixing guitars, vocals and organ layers masterfully. They’ve been hitting their reverb pedals way before it was so trendy to do so and have paved the way to the modern dream pop genre. “Silmi Island” is a must have for any Pia Fraus fan’s collection and also a perfect introduction to the band for those who have been missing out. “Silmi Island” is a co-release with Shelflife in USA in a limited edition of 500 hand-numbered LP copies worldwide.

A side:

01. Feeling Is New
02. Sailing Yes
03. Birds Still Swing
04. Thank You Peter Parker
05. Springsister
06. Deep Purple Girl
07. Japanese Heart Software

B side:
08. 400 & 57
09. Mute The Birds (feat. Ulrich Schnauss)
10. You Look Fine
11. Mooie Island
12. Day Week Or Season
13. No Need For Sanity

bonus tracks on CD:
* After Summer
* Strawberry Wine

Released on: January 03, 2013