Popidiot – Antenna of Love

Popidiot – Antenna of Love

SEKs021 (Buy here)

Seksound releases the new album “Antenna of Love” by Popidiot on Estonian Independence Day, 24th February. Popidiot is Estonian-Finnish electropop group of two mad scientists Matti Peura and Hendrik Luuk, who have wrote all the songs on the record and made all the arrangements with the guitarist Rein Fuks, who is the important third member. We can’t be more proud of their new album, you can’t believe, how good it is. There hasn’t been made such a record before in Estonia. It’s a nice dance music album, greatly produced and with cool lyrics. It’s full of great songs, all killers, no fi llers. Name your favorite synthpop, electropop or indiepop sounds and you fi nd it here. Popidiot’s sound is heavily influenced by synthpop classics like New Order, Human League or Depeche Mode. That means this album can be loved also by fans of contemporary electropop acts like Hot Chip, Cut Copy or Regina. Popidiot is also well-loved live group, they have supported Pet Shop Boys and Klaxons. This album truly captures the energy of their live shows.

01. Logic
02. Friday’s Revenge
03. Girl Called Latte
04. Hey Girl
05. Cassetteboy
06. Dancing Like An Idiot
07. Rushing Heart
08. Maggot Roll
09. Hanging On Friday
10. Antenna
11. Dream Song

Released on: February 24, 2009