Popidiot – Fridays Remixes

Popidiot – Fridays Remixes

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Seksound releases EP “Friday’s Remixes” by Finnish-Estonian synthpop group Popidiot. You get new versions of mainly Friday-themed tracks from their much acclaimed second album “Antenna of Love”. Nice surprise is version of “Hanging on Friday” sung in Estonian, it’s now “Mängin muusikat” and features Estonian country legend Jaan Elgula. Cool treat is also video of “Hanging on Friday” made by young Estonian filmmakers. Additionally you get many remixes from “Friday’s Revenge” by Estonian producers, but also “Logic” and “Dreamsong” got some remixing.

01. Hanging on friday (video edit)
02. Popidiot & Jaan Elgula – Mängin muusikat
03. Friday’s revenge – Tallinn funk dub
04. Friday’s revenge – Telec edit
05. Friday’s revenge – Talis boogie remix
06. Friday’s revenge – ULA’s the haunted 90’s mix
07. Friday’s revenge – A. Lukichev remix)
08. Friday’s revenge – Critikal’s dnb vision
09. Logic – Neuronphase remix
10. Dreamsong – ULA remix

Released on: June 03, 2009